Summary: Operation of the Federal Government of Iraq in disputed areas with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Wednesday 18 October 17 - 09:29

Two days after the start of operations to regain the disputed areas between the federal government of Iraq and the Kurdistan regional government, the Iraqi forces managed to control over 10,000 square kilometers of disputed areas.

In the first stage, anti-terrorism forces succeeded in entering and dominating in the general area of ​​the city of Kirkuk following the dispersal conflicts with the Peshmerga and PKK forces. On the same day, other federal police forces managed to dominate the North Oil Refinery.

The results of the first day are these : the domination of the central government on the city of Kirkuk as well as the oil wells and oil facilities of the region.

On the second day of the operation, the withdrawal of various forces from various Kurdish parties was obvious. The forces succeeded in domination over the various regions on five axes.

First axis: Diyala province

In this axis, the forces managed to dominate the cities of Jalola, Khanaqin and Qarat-Tepa. The Khosrawi border crossing was also controlled by Iraqi central government forces.

Second axis: Kirkuk province

In this axis, the forces managed to advance towards the important village of Bai Hassan and Debs. The importance of this village is located on the shore of the Zab River, as well as facilities and oil wells around the area.

Third axis: Nineveh province, Mosul area

In this axis, the forces succeeded in dominating the city of Ba`shiqah. The news of the troops’ arrival to Tel Oskof and Betnai is not confirmed.

Fourth axis: Nineveh Province, Sinjar area

In this axis, due to the large presence of PKK forces, the forces succeeded in dominating the city of Sinjar and part of its northern mountains, in order to control the important village of Senoni and the central al-Rabi`ah borderway . In this axis, the cooperation between the Izadi(Yazidi) forces and the central government of Iraq was very close and friendly.

Fifth axis: Ninewa province, Mosul dam area

In this axis, the Iraqi Army’s 16th Army Corps managed to control the Mosul Dam, the strategic city of Dhamar and  Aski village.

Now with the withdrawal of various Kurdish forces has spread across the south of Diyala to the north of Sinjar, it must be seen that the forces under the Barzani control(KDP), will accuse PUK(Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) as a traitors! Or just the withdrawal of PUK forces was betrayal,and the retreat of the KDP forces was their tactics to prevent conflict and bloodshed!?



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