Video | Footage of hitting an Israeli armored vehicle by Hezbollah near Lebanon’s border

Monday, 2 September 2019 - 22:02

Finally after one day, Hezbollah released a video showing the targeting of an Israeli armored vehicle near Avivim town in occupied lands near Lebanon’s border by a Kornet anti-tank guided missile.

As shown in the video, a “Wolf” armored vehicle of Israel is hit by two Kornet ATGMs with interval of 3 secs and the second missile actually finishes it up.
According to Hezbollah’s intelligence, 8 IDF members were inside the vehicle at the time of the attack and in despite of Israeli army and media silence, definitely some were killed in the attack.
Due to Hezbollah’s complete intelligence of Avivim base, certainly the time that passengers were mounted inside the vehicle is taped by Hezbollah, thus, the claim of Israeli media that the vehicle was empty at the time of attack is mere a lie! Hezbollah does not need to lie.

Video: Israeli Base Avivim Empty! Israel’s Red Lines Violated.

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