Video: Israeli Base Avivim Empty! Israel’s Red Lines Violated.

Wednesday 4 September 2019 - 07:57

Arabic RT made a report of evacuated Avivim base near Lebanon’s border; an interesting unprecedented report in Israel!

Regardless of unknown aspects of Hezbollah attack to Israeli armored vehicle, evacuating an Israeli base with only one attack by Hezbollah relayed the message that Zionists analyzed the situation wrongly.
Pay attention to Sayyid Hasan Nasr Allah words in the third night of Muharram:
“The most important aspect of Hezbollah answer in comparison with previous ones was that it did not happen in Lebanon’s occupied lands but inside Palestine. 1948 borders are Israel’s red lines and did not allow any activity inside them. Mark it in the calendar that from 1 September 2019, Resistance does not follow any red line in defending its sovereignty, dignity and security of Lebanese nation.”

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