Latest Updates on Yemen, 24 October 2019

Friday, 25 October 2019 - 09:43

Latest news from Yemen’s frontlines

1. Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson:
The coalition fighters launched more than 170 airstrikes on Hajjah and Saadah provinces in the last 48 hours. Also in the engagements on the border fronts, in the last 12 hours the coalition fighters raided the border areas 52 times.

2. Sanaa:
Brig Gen Muhammed Ghanem al-Hamiri, the commander of fifth brigade of Tariq Saleh forces (positioned in Marib front) with security and intelligence officers (positioned in Yatmah, Jawf front) separated form Saudi coalition and joined Ansar Allah.

3. Jawf and Lahij:
– In the prisoners exchange program in Yemen, with mediation of some chiefs of tribes, 9 troops of people immobilization in Jawf and Lahij have been released from Mansoor Hadi’s jail.
– Repelling Saudi coalition attacks in Hawamirah front by AnsarAllah by AnsarAllah and popular committees.

4. Baydha:
Repelling al Qaeda attacks in Qifaha is by Ansar Allah and popular committees.

5. Al Hudaydah:
– Ansar Allah reported of Saudi coalition drones over 16 km area.
– Martyrdom of a child and injury of two others due to explosion of remainder of a bomb dropped by Saudi coalition fighters near. Jabalia fields.

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