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Riyadh Is After Contacting Ansar Allah
Middle East, News, Saudi Arabia, Yemen 06 November 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Abdullah Hajar, consultant of Political Council of Yemen, showed interest in peace talk with Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Hajar:
– Riyadh is after contacting Muhamad Abdulsalam.
– We never closed doors of negotiation to anyone and we want peace but with our own conditions.
– We want assurance for stability, ceasefire, ending the siege, reopening Sanaa airport and paying off salaries.
– The doors to peace are open and if it is rejected, out weapons are ready.
– We do not question Saudi’s seriousness but we doubt if they interpret our peace plan as a defeat.

Another Saudi official claimed before that AnsarAllah and Saudi are negotiating since 2016.


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