Video: ISIS Attacks Fallujah and Diyala
Gallery, Iraq, Media, Middle East, News, Video 02 December 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS terrorist used the chaos in Iraq and attacked security forces in Fallujah and Diyala provinces.

In the engagement between Hashad Sha’abi and ISIS in the Naft Khane area, suburb of Khaniqin, Diyala province, six Hashad forces martyred and some injured. Terrorists also attacked Karma area, near Fallujah, the details are not published yet.

The footage shows engagement in Diyala province.


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One thought on "Video: ISIS Attacks Fallujah and Diyala"

SeMorgh says:

Hashad Sha’abi should take some of those people in Iraq that are doing damage to the infrastructure and send them to the front line against ISIS. why should Hashad Sha’abi Fight with these Thugs?