27 July 2020
Breaking: Clashes between the Hezbollah forces and the Israeli army on the southern borders of Lebanon

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to Israeli army spokesman, Hezbollah militants (3 or 4 members) penetrated a few meters into the Israeli border and were targeted by IDF and their attack was repulsed.

27 July 2020
Afghanistan Army helicopter crash in Helmand province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hours ago a helicopter of Afghanistan army crashed in Kajaki district of Helmand province.

27 July 2020
5 Turkish soldiers killed, 10 injured in southern Turkey

ISWNews Analysis Group: Five Turkish soldiers and the driver transporting them died on Monday after their bus rolled over in the southern province of Mersin.

25 July 2020
Iraq: Rocket Attack to Basmaya Base South of Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: Four rockets struck the Basmaya base south of Baghdad where US-led coalition troops and NATO trainers are present on 24 July.

23 July 2020
LNA announced that its forces will hold naval exercises in the Sirte Bay region tonight
22 July 2020
Breaking: IED attack against US convoy in Iraq

According to Iraqi resistance sources, the American occupation forces were attacked by IEDs in southern Iraq, in the international road linking Baghdad and Nasiriyah at the Al-Batha junction.

20 July 2020
Breaking: Israeli airstrikes against Syrian army positions near Damascus + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army air defense systems intercepted several Israeli missile over Damascus and Kiswah area.

15 July 2020
Iraq: IED Attacks Against US Forces

ISWNews Analysis Group: The convoy of US terrorist forces in the Mukashifah area in the Saladin province has been attacked by Iraqi resistance groups.

13 July 2020
Ansar Allah’s massive missile and drone strike on southern Saudi Arabia and Marib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, Ansar Allah carried out a large-scale missile and drone operation against Saudi coalition positions in southern Saudi Arabia and Marib, which the detail will be announced in future news.

11 July 2020
Breaking: Iraqi resistance groups attack U.S. convoy + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Saraya Thurat al-Ashrin al-Thaniyah group attacked a logistic convoy of US Army en route from Diwaniyah to Al-Samawiyah.

29 June 2020
Arrest warrant for Trump the Gambler

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others over the drone strike that killed the top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani and his companions in January at Baghdad international airport

26 June 2020
Iraq’s Counter Terrorism raided PMU base south of Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night he Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces with supervision of US forces raided a Kataib Hezbollah place in south of Baghdad and kidnapped 14 individuals.