Breaking: Ansar Allah liberate more areas on eastern fronts

Saturday, 25 January 2020 - 10:31

Latest news from Ansar Allah’s operation in Jawf, Marib and Nihm fronts

Ansar Allah liberated areas Majzar, Talbis and Umm Salam near the Jawf crossroad, west of Marib from Saudi coalition.
Majzar is the center of Majzar district in Marib.

Ansar Allah liberated areas Barran, Madarij, al Houl, Wadi Malah, Salta mountain, Harim mountain in Nihm district, northeast of Sanaa from Saudi coalition.

Engagements are continuing in Frdhat base.

Ansar Allah launched other operations in north of Marib road to Jawf crossroad and east of Sirwah targeting Maas and Kufel bases.
In case of confirming the advances, the news and details will be broadcasted here.

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