Map: Ansar Allah important advances in southwest al Jawf, 1 April 2020

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 - 20:15

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following defensive line of Saudi coalition collapse in al Jawf province, Ansar Allah could liberate al-Labanat base and several areas in east of Hazm town.

After several days of heavy engagement and Ansar Allah’s strong attacks, yesterday Saudi coalition forces retreated from areas Sayl, Andar, Barsh mountain and Arfaj and Labanat base. At the moment engagements are in Khasaf and Aqsha mountain.
AnsarAllah artillery is bombing Saudi coalition positions in Kanais and Aqsha from last night. Saudi coalition warbirds have bombed Ansar Allah’s positions from yesterday until today noon 11 times.

Mansoor Hadi reinforcement and tribes Jadaan, Murad and Obaidah forces are deployed to reclaim the lost lands but still no operation to attack al-Labanat so far.

With Ansar Allah’s recent advances in east of Hazm front, they have a better situation in Marib province and districts Raghwan and Madghal can be next targets.

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