Latest updates on al-Jawf and Marib fronts, 2 April 2020

Friday, 3 April 2020 - 10:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: After liberation of eastern area of Hazm town, Ansar Allah expanded its axis of attack to north and west of Marib province.

Al Jawf:
– Ansar Allah is taking position in heights al-Aqsha’ and Barash and launched attacks toward bases Kanaeis and Wadi Halhalan but did not result in advance. Therefore news addressing cleanse of Raghwan district and siege of Maas base are not correct. (Photo showing liberation of Maas base is from 2015.)

East of al-Labanat:
Ansar Allah started moving toward Ruwaik base and attacked areas Aqer, Dahidha and Dahlat. Considering terrain of the area, seems Ansar Allah can reach Ruwaik base but stabilizing the advances in these desert area is difficult and needs parallel moves in directions Marib or other axes.

Mansoor Hadi forces and militants from tribes of Marib launched an attack toward Hilan height which was repelled by Ansar Allah and their claim to control Hilan height is not true.

P.S. In next days if Ansar Allah faces Saudi coalition or tribes resistance in above-mentioned axes, there is a high chance Ansar Allah will attack Jufra base from east of al Jawf crossroad.

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