Latest News on Yemen 26 March 2018; Images Showing Glorious Parade of Yemenis in the Anniversary of Third Year of Resistance

Wednesday 28 March 2018 - 15:26

1. Eight missiles are fired by missile unit of Yemeni Army under the missile operation “Martyr Abu Aqeel”.

“Turki al Maleki” Saudi alliance spokesperson claiming interception of seven of them.

The eight fired missiles: three toward Riyadh, one toward Khamis Mashit, two toward Nijran and two toward Jizan.

The released videos by Saudi citizens showing some of the missiles hitting Riyadh.


2. Glorious and massive parade of Yemeni people in square Sab`ein in Sanaa and opposing war and crime by Saudi alliance against this country.


3. The third day of engagement in Al Jawf governorate, the heaviest fights are in region Mahashima in district Khab al Sha`f.

The claim of Hadi’s forces occupying Taibat al Esm military base is still questionable.


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