Latest Updates on Yemen 24 May 2018; Situation of Fronts

Thursday, 24 May 2018 - 20:26

Clashes in south of Hudaydah ; Firing a Bard-1 missile to Jizan harbor ; Vast attack of Saudi coalition to Hajjah governorate

1- Control of MBC heights at the border of Jizan by AnsarAllah

(photos above show some of the engagements at this front)


2- Vast attack of Saudi coalition to Hajjah governorate

Media close to the Alliance reporting of controlling Abu al-Nar heights in Haradh district.


3- Fights going on in south of al Hudaydah in Tuhayta district.

Tuhayta has not fallen yet but heavy air strikes by forces led by Emirates is still continuing and it is possible that AnsarAllah and Army retreat in next days.


4 – Continuation of engagement in area al-Malahit in al-Dhaher district.(west of Sadaa, Jizan border)

In east of Saada there is engagement in Bart Anan district (al Jawf governorate) and the Coalition is trying to capture Kataf-Saada road (eastern road of Saada).

Media close to the Coalition reporting of siege of Baqim.


5- Firing a Bard-1 missile to Jizan harbor

The Coalition claims to intercept this missile.


6- Photos showing Yemeni troops attacking forces of the Saudi Coalition in region Jasr al-Afirah,  al-Kadhah front (southwest of city Taiz)

The leader of forces under support of the Coalition Abd al-Ghani Fazi` al-Zoamr is killed.


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