Latest Updates on Yemen 2 August 2018; Latest Updates on Fronts

Friday 3 August 18 - 06:29

“The images are about Saudi-led coalition strikes against Al-Hudaydah and death of civilians.”

1. Al-Hudaydah

The beginning of heavy strikes, both from air & ground by UAE-backed forces in Ad-Durayhimi.

Clashes are still ongoing in west & south pivot of Ad-Durayhimi.
Ansarallah’s drones have targeted the rallies of UAE-backed forces.
Also in other southern Al-Hudaydah’s fronts, like the attacks of UAE-backed forces against Zabid and Mughras, they achieved nothing.


2. UAE is trying to gather & deploy forces from Latin & South America to send them to war in Yemen.


3. Bombardment of al-Thurah hospital & fish market and other public places of Al-Hudaydah by Saudi-led warplanes.

According to the latest statistics, in these attacks 55 were martyred and 130 injured.

According to local sources, these bombardments still continues.

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