Latest Updates on Yemen 25 September 2018; AnsarAllah Fight this Time against Baha’is!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018 - 20:23

Britain defending Yemen Baha’is and latest news from western coast engagements

1. Britain demands for protecting Baha’is in Yemen!

English government condemning the trial of a group of Baha’is in Sanaa, demands freedom of 24 Baha’is including eight women and one child immediately.

English government considers arresting and convicting Baha’is by AnsarAllah as violation of international laws and human rights and demands security council of UN to take a serious stand in their next human rights meeting.
From the moment AnsarAllah took power, advertising Baha’i is forbidden in Yemen. They condemn previous government including Mansoor Hadi to not pay attention to hidden activities of cults such as Baha’i and war of religions in Yemen.


2. Al Hudaydah:
AnsarAllah’s operation in east and north of Durayhimi resulted in Saudi Coalition’s retreat from some regions east of Durayhimi.
Army officials reported to continue the operation to clear suburbs of Durayhimi. (AnsarAllah and People’s Committees are defending xxx from 2 August.)
Saudi Coalition’s operation to claim Jarrahi from east of Tuhayta and north of Hays axes started.
South of al Hudaydah engagements has halted in eastern road, only sporadical engagements and Coalition attacks to squares Nana and Matahin have not been successful and they are still in hands of AnsarAllah.


Clashes in North of Durayhimi
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