Latest Updates on Yemen 7 October 2018; Insurgency in Sanaa

Monday 8 October 18 - 08:28

Defeating the conspiracy in Sanaa and the latest news from Hudaydah, Baydha and Hajjah forntlines

“Images: Clashes in south of Hudaydah in Jabalia region”


1- Hudaydah

Sporadic clashes continue along the eastern and southern(north of Manzar) road.

In the coastline the clashes is away from Kornish and the main clashes continue in south of Hudaydah university.

Firing a short range missile to Saudi-led Coaltion forces positions in western coast.

Joint artillery attack and UAV surveillance by Ansarallah on Saudi-led forces in north of Nakhilah.


2- Northern Hajjah frontlines situation

Hayran, Mazraq and al-Nar mountain are under Saudi Coalition.

Haradh and ‘Ahem triangle are under Ansarallah control.

Also part of the Hajjah-Sadaa road cut off by the Saudi Coalition.



3- Suppression of insurgency in Sanaa

In recent days, some people made insurgency in Sanaa under the name of “The Hunger Revolution” but the Ansarallah security units suppressed this riot.

According to confessions of detainees, this conspiracy arranged and made by forces related to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


4- Firing a short range missile to gathering of Saudi-led Coalition forces in al Ajasher desert.



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