Latest Updates on Yemen 8 November 2018; Frontlines Situations

Friday, 9 November 2018 - 08:54

Latest news from Hudaydah, Taiz and Dhale’ frontlines and successful missile attack at Jawf

1- Hudaydah:

– Firing a Badr P-1 missile at gathering of Saudi-led forces in Yemeni western shores.

– Matahin square fell to Coalition forces and the Coalition advancing north of Hudaydah airport. Heavy clashes continue on vicinity of 22 May hospital and Coastal Guard Base.

– Situation of frontlines in Faculty of engineering, Road 50 and Saleh housing has not changed.

– AnsarAllah announced that its operations in Al Jah, Al Fazah, Tuhayta and Jabaliya in western shores led to cut four supply routes of the Saudi-led coalition forces in south of al-Hudaydah.

Images of AnsarAllah’s attack on the Saudi Coalition forces in the Al-Jaah suburbs in western coast.


Images of AnsarAllah’s attack on the Saudi Coalition forces in the Al Fazah and Jabaliyah suburbs in western coast.


2- Taiz:

Saudi Coalition attack east of Hayfan.

AnsraAllah recaptured the Al Manzar Height.


3- Latest military situation in Al Dhale’:

Village Al Haqab and Al Marhubah Kabira height in south of Damt fell to Coalition forces.

In east of Damt also Coalition forces tried to cut the road between Damt and Masikah but AnsarAllah repelled the attacks and thus the road and Damt Qadima(Old Damt village) are under AnsarAllah control.

In Juban axis, the Coalition forces reached to Na’wah area but still Juban is under AnsarAllah control.


4- Al Jawf:

Firing a Badr P-1 missile at gathering of Saudi Coalition forces in Jawf crossroad.

All of this new AnsarAllah P-1 missiles, successfully hit the targets so far.


5- Hajjah:

Due to Saudi Coalition airstrikes in Hajjah province at least 8 woman and children were martyred.

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