Latest Updates on Yemen 1 December 2018

Sunday 2 December 2018 - 09:40

Latest news from Yemen frontlines situation

1- Al Hudaydah

– Joint UAV and artillery operation by AnsarAllah in western coast against Saudi-led Coalition forces.

– Firing a Badr P-1 missile at Coalition forces in western coast.

– Sporadic clashes south of Durayhimi, Jurayba area and west of Tuhayta.

– Bombardment of the industrial areas in vicinity of Nana square by Saudi Coalition warplanes.(above images related to this airstrikes)


2- Northern borders

Clashes between AnsarAllah and Coalition forces in Qays heights(Jizan border) and Al Shabakah heights(north Hajjah).


3- Sa’adah

Continuation of clashes in southern axis of Alab area and west of Majazah and AnsarAllah artillery operation in this axes.


4- AnsarAllah Qasef-1 UAV attack at gathering of Saudi Coalition forces in a base in Marib.


5- Baydha

Clashes going on in Qaniyah and Nate’ axis in north of Baydha province.

Ansarallah claimed that all Saudi Coalition attacks were repelled.

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