Latest Updates on Yemen 3 December 2018; AnsarAllah Declining Coalition’s Preconditions for Negotiation

Monday, 3 December 2018 - 20:57

Yemeni Army spokesperson census about situation of different fronts; Engagements between AnsarAllah and Coalition in battles of Dhale’, Baydha and Sa’adah provinces.

1. Al Hudaydah:
– AnsarAllah joint UAV and artillery operation against Saudi Coalition gathering position in western coast.
– Today afternoon, Saudi Coalition fighters attacked al Hudaydah harbor which resulted in martyrdom of three people.
– Saudi Coalition artillery heavy fire on Al Za’faran region in south of 16 km.


2. Baydha:
AnsarAllah engagement with Saudi Coalition in northern fronts of Baydha province such as Nate’, Malajim, Dhi Nai’m and Qaniyah.


3. Dhale’:
AnsarAllah engagement with Saudi Coalition in Damt front in Dhale’ province. In despite of Coalition sending reinforcement, no advance happened and engagements are going on for days.


4. Sa’ada:
Media close to Saudi Coalition proclaiming Coalition advances in Razih and Qatabar districts in west of the province. During the last few weeks, this is the nth time that Saudi Coalition proclaims advance in this axis; nevertheless, no photo or video or field report have been released to prove the claim.


5. Sanaa:
Saudi Coalition fighters attacked five times AnsarAllah and people’s committee troops in Nihm front in east of Sanaa province.


6. Declining any preconditions in future Yemen negotiations in Sweden.
Muhammad Ali Al Houthi head of Yemeni Presidency Council declined any preconditions by Saudi Coalition regarding the negotiations in Sweden in a tweet.


7. Yemeni Army spokesperson census regarding the situation of battles in Yemen:
– Our troops defeated enemy 15 attacks in Qaniya, Nate and Di Naim axes in Baydha province, three attacks in Khab and Sha’f districts in Jawf province.
– Our troops performed 20 operations in north of Saadah(Baqim, Razih and Malahit), 15 operations in western coast (Hays, Durayhimi, Jah, Jabaliyah and Tuhayta), 16 operations in Taiz, Lahij and regions (Krash, Qubayta, Kadhah, Wazei’ya, Hayfan, Ber Basha and etc.), 7 operations in north of Baydha, 6 operations in Dhale province (Maris and Damt) and 2 operations in Nihm.
– Seven Badr P-1 missiles were fired toward enemy positions in western Coast, Alab passage, Midi and Nihm.
– Several Apache helicopters were destroyed in Najran due to missiles.
– In Midi also about 70 of Coalition troops are killed or injured.
– Our drones performed seven operations in western coast and Nihm.
– Artillery unit in previous days attacked enemy gathering positions with more than 2000 mortars. Also 244 operations against enemy activities in different fronts were performed which resulted in destruction of enemy equipment and vehicles.


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