Latest Analysis of Yemen Negotiations

Sunday 9 December 2018 - 08:41

After all sides agreed on political solution and exchanging POWs, here is the latest updates of negotiations

– Ansar Allah rejected to leave al Hudaydah and the Sanaa airport to Mansoor Hadi forces.

Ansar Allah demanded that a transition government to be established and all armed groups to be disarmed.

Ansar Allah considered Saudi Coalition attacking in all fronts as not being serious in solving the crisis by the Coalition.


– UN demanded Ansar Allah to permit UN troops to observe and control al Hudaydah harbor to deliver food and necessary goods to all Yemenis.

– Mansoor Hadi Government gives permit to reopen Sanaa airport only if it monitors the flights both arrival and departure in Aden and Seiyun or Sanaa airports.

Mansoor Hadi demands Ansar Allah disarm as precondition for negotiation.


– According to Martin Griffiths, negotiations are at the level of discussion and consulting and different sides are expressing their opinions.


Six subjects: freeing prisoners and exchanging them, battle in al Hudaydah, central bank, Taiz siege, humanity helps and Sanaa airport are under discussion and all sides have just expressed their opinions, not much agreement so far.


In Martin Griffiths words, three things are considered principles that it is very unlikely Ansa rAllah accepts them entirely:
1. Forced agreement of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council which dictated Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign and Mansoor Hadi to establish the Transition Government.
2. UN Security Council resolution 2201 (in 2015) that dictates Ansar Allah to leave Sanaa and other places and submit their arms and leaders and commanders of Ansar Allah are under sanctions. According to the resolution, Mansoor Hadi is the lawful president of Yemen.
3. The plan of dividing Yemen to six states, Ansar Allah protests it because it is a start to dissociate Yemen.


Ansar Allah to prevent Yemen dissociation and neighbors exploitation has started the revolution thus accepting these three subjects are out of question.
On the other hand, continuation of the engagements, Mansoor Hadi negotiating team being influenced by Saudi, UAE weak presence in negotiations and Ansar Allah being firm on its stands, it seems there is not much to agree on in this round of negotiations in Sweden and the agreements would be only on small details such as POWs exchange and does not solve Yemen crisis.

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