Latest Updates on Yemen 30 December 2018; Saudi Coalition Violations in Al Hudaydah

Monday, 31 December 2018 - 09:08

Latest news from ceasefire violation in Hudaydah and continuation of Coalition strikes

1- Hudaydah:

– Arriving 5 Coalition ships carrying weapons and military equipment in Mocha port, western Yemen coast.

– Ansar Allah media reported that Coalition transferred this equipment to Al Jah al Asfal area.

– Four civilian were martyred due to Saudi Coalition shelling in Tafsah village, south of Al Jarrahi.


2- Joint artillery and UAV attacks by AnsarAllah against Coalition forces at Qays mountain and Al Sadis(Jizan border).


3- Spokesman for Yemen Armed Forces:

– During the 24 hours past, Saudi Coalition violated the ceasefire in Al Hudaydah more than 31 times.

– We observe the Saudi Coalition (military)movements in south of Hudaydah.

– The Coalition warplanes targeted the provinces of Saada, Jawf, Amran and Hajjah 16 times.


4- Jawf:

Ansar Allah repelled the Coalition attacks in Al Ajasher front.(images)

Clashes continue in Mahashima and Khalifayn in Khab and Shaf district.


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