Saudi Coalition’s Foreign Forces Death in Yemen

Tuesday 22 January 2019 - 22:30

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Due to Saudi Coalition mine warehouse explosion in Marib, some of foreign forces of the Coalition were killed and wounded.

Among the killed, identities of five of them are as follows:
1. Johannes Den Haan; deputy of MSAM team – South Africa 49 years old.
2. Agim Hoti; control officer of the team – Kosovo 43 years old.
3. Demir Paradzik; explosive specialist – Bosnia 50 years old.
4. Goran Vekic; explosive specialist – Crotia 39 years old.
5. Petrus Schdeman; explosive specialist – South Africa 44 years old.


Saudi Coalition media have not revealed identities and casualties of this explosion but there are possibilities that Saudi and US citizens were among casualties too.

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