Latest Updates on Yemen 26 January 2019

Saturday, 26 January 2019 - 12:47

Latest news from Yemen fronts and Ansar Allah operation in north of Yemen

1- UN denies Patrick Cammaert has resigned as head of Hudaydah monitoring team.

On Wednesday, the UN spokesperson’s Twitter account announced that Mr Cammaert continue his work, contrary to media reports.


2- Jawf

Ansar Allah operation in Khalifayn area in Khab and Al Sha’f district.


3- Saadah

Recapturing of 3 new points in Al Boqa’ area by Ansar Allah and popular committees.


4- The Yemen Armed Forces spokesperson:

– Saudi Coalition during the last two days violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 158 times.

– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked 31 times other provinces during the last two days.

– AnsarAllah operation in north of Hajjah led to liberation of 15 new points in east of Nar mountain. Also more than 19 Saudi-led forces were killed and 30 other were wounded.


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