Latest Updates on Yemen, 4 March 2019, Ansar Allah’s Missile Attacks in Northern Frontlines

Tuesday 5 March 2019 - 08:22

Latest news from Saadah and Hajjah frontlines.

1. Hajjah:
– AnsarAllah firing a missile Badr-1P to Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi’s troops gathering location in Midi desert, north of Hajjah.
Yemeni Armed Spokesman confirmed the accurate hitting of the missile near Hayran and Haradh which resulted in death and injury of 80 soldiers.
– AnsarAllah’s attacking Saudi Coalition troops in east and west of Al Nar mountain.
– Saudi Coalition media reported that Hajur tribes controlling center of Kashar district. However it is unlikely that AnsarAllah has retreated from Kashar easily.


2. Saadah:
– AnsarAllah firing a missile Badr-1P to Saudi Coalition troops gathering in Qalaat al Hemad, east of Alab passage, north of Saadah.
– Shooting down a Saudi Coalition spying drone over Qays mount, Jizan border.


3. Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire in al Hudaydah 966 times in the last 4 days.
– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked other provinces 64 times.

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