Latest Updates on Yemen 23 March 2019; Ansar Allah Shooting Down American Drone

Sunday 24 March 19 - 07:48

Latest news from Saadah and Jawf frontlines

1. Jawf:
– AnsarAllah reclaiming some heights in Astar front, Khab and Shaaf districts in an operation against Saudi Coalition.
– AnsarAllah’s operation in Anbarah area, Motun district.


2. Sanaa:
– AnsarAllah shooting down an American drone MQ1 of Saudi Coalition over Sanaa (images).
– AnsarAllah artillery and drone joint operation to target Saudi Coalition forces gathering location in Nihm.


3. Mike Pompeo US Secretary of State:
– Houthis operate only under command of (Ayatollah Sayed) Ali Khamenei, Iran’s leader and Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Corps, and should know they will not win.
– Pressure on Iran forces Houthis to respect Sweden Agreement.
– Lebanon’s Hezbollah endangers Middle East’s stability and we have talked with Israel about this Iran’s supported group.

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