Latest Updates on Yemen 4 June 2019

Tuesday, 4 June 2019 - 18:06

Latest news from Taiz, Hudaydah, Saadah and Mahrah

1. Al Hudaydah:
– In prisoners exchange agreement in al Hudaydah 62 Yemeni Popular Committees forces were freed.
– Saudi Coalition fighters and artillery targeted Fazah, Durayhimi, CityMax, 7th zone and also villages around 16kilo.
– Shooting down a Saudi Coalition surveillance drone over Durayhimi.
2. Saadah:
– AnsarAllah engaging with Saudi Coalition in western front of Majazah, Rabua and Marba Shaja.
– AnsarAllah’s joint artillery-drone operation in attacking Saudi Coalition forces gathering in Majazah.
3. Taiz:
– Mansour Hadi’s forces attack repelled in Jahmalia, Usayifira, Air Defence height and Ber Basha. As always unlike Coalition media’s commotion, no significant change in frontlines.
4. Mahrah:
– Saudi Apaches attacked protesting tribes.
Some tribes of Mahrah protesting Saudi occupation and construction in the region and some of them confronted Saudi Coalition forces.

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