Latest Updates on Yemen 6 July 2019

Saturday, 6 July 2019 - 21:09

Latest news from Al Hudadyah, Saadah, Baydah frontlines and protests in Al Mahrah against Saudi coalition

1- Saadah:

– Ansar Allah joint artillery-drone attacks on Saudi-led forces positions in Sudays area, Najran.

– Asnar Allah and Popular Committees repelled Saudi-led forces attacks in Qays mountain.

– Saudi Coalition warplanes struck Baqem area several times.
2- Al Hudaydah:

– Saudi-led forces attacks in south of Hays in Al Mahjar area.

– Saudi-led forces shelled Durayhimi and Zaafran village with mortar shells.

– One civilian martyred in Suwaiq area, south of Tuhayta due to Saudi-led forces shelling.

– One civilian martyred and seven other were wounded due to Saudi coalition warplanes strikes, east of Al Hudaydah.
3- Al Mahrah:

Big protests of the people of Al Mahrah province against the Saudi coalition forces. During the protests, the people called for the evacuation of the Saudi and Emirate forces from Al Mahrah and delivery of the airport, ports, oil facilities and … to Yemen.
4- Bayda:

– Ansar Allah joint artillery-drone attacks on Saudi-led forces positions in Qaniyah front, north of Bayda.
5- South Korea citizens advised not to go to southern Saudi Arabia.

Following the recent attacks by Ansar Allah in southern Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Ministry of South Korea has called on its nationals in Saudi Arabia to stay away from the southern part of the country.

The advise comes at a time when the South Korean President met with Bin Salman last week.

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