British Oil Tanker “Stena Impero” Seized By Iran

Friday, 19 July 2019 - 21:17

IRGC announced officially to detain British oil tanker Stena Impero and escort it to Islamic Republic of Iran’s shore in Qeshm Island.

This tanker departed from Al Fujairah in UAE to Saudi Arabia which was halted by IRGC special forces in Strait of Hormuz and escorted to Iran’s water.
Important point is that the operation was done while British warship HMS Montrose is deployed to the region after Iranian tanker was detained in Gibraltar, to protect British ships. Today’s IRGC operation in complete silence of HMS Montrose means a complete defeat for British Navy.
Unofficial news claim that the operation was done using a helicopter and several fast boats and there are 23 sailors off the deck of the tanker.

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