Images: Unveiling of Ansar Allah’s New Long-Range Missile; “Borkan 3”

Friday, 2 August 2019 - 16:20

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today, the spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces in a brief conference by releasing images of the firing of a new Yemeni long-range missile “Borkan 3”, unveiled this new achievement.

It should be noted that yesterday a “Borkan 3” missile was fired at a military target deep in the Saudi Arabia soil in Dammam area in the coast of Persian Gulf.
As its name implies, it is the third generation of the Borkan family and it has a range of 1,300 to 1,800 kilometers and is capable of targeting enemy positions at high distances.
According to the Yemeni Armed Forces, the missile is capable of attacking any military and economic targets inside the Saudi Arabia.
Yahya Al-Sari’ did not provide further information on the missile.

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