Details of Fall of Aden Explained by Commander of Mansour Hadi’s Forces

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 - 22:05

ISWNews Analysis Group: A military official in Mansour Hadi’s government in an interview with Al Jazeera revealed details of fall of Aden.

He said:
– Southerners coup was planned before to control Aden between Emiratis and Southerners.
– Our forces surveyed their activities from the beginning and informed Saudi officials, too.
– Emirati forces participated in coup and supported Southerners completely. They sent commanders of Al Amaliqah brigade and military officers in Aden to Hajj so there is no military officials to react.
– We confronted coup makers for 3 days and finally Emiratis interfered. They supported coup makers with 400 armored vehicles and in the third day some of our units defeated and we ordered other units to pull back.
– Saudis promised to support Mansour Hadi and interfere and stop the coup but did not do anything. Saudi forces in presidential palace were watchers.
– Saudi forces in the beginning of the coup asked for the positions of the coup makers but didn’t do anything. They only escorted the Ministers of State and Transportation to Aden airport to flee. Military commanders stayed until the end.
Princes of Saudi and UAE meeting in Jeddah, Mansour Hadi and King of Saudi meeting, dealing over Muslim Brotherhood movement backing Mansour Hadi, dealing between Saudi and UAE in Marib and Aden are all indications of new plans for Yemen which will be clear in future.

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