Latest Updates on Conflict Between Southerners and Hadi’s Forces 26 August 2019

Tuesday 27 August 2019 - 14:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mansour Hadi’s forces are completing full control over the Shabwah province.

– Most of the leaders of the “Nukhbat Al Shabwaniyah” forces have been members of the al-Qaeda organization in the past and after the Yemen’s revolution, with support of UAE, have been mobilized against the Ansar Allah.
Following the Mansour Hadi’s forces advances in Shabwah province, these forces are withdrawing their service from the southern command and turning to Hadi’s forces with the offer of money and the granting of office by the Saudis. (Like the Nukhbat Al Shabwaniyah commander in Balhaf city.)
– Some local sources in Dhale report that the Hizam al Amni and Southern forces have left the fronts with Ansar Allah quietly toward Abyan and Lahij province.
Given the accuracy of the news, it is time for Ansar Allah to capture the remaining area in Dhale.
– Hadi’s forces captured Azan and Habban in Shabwah province.
– The Mansour Hadi resigned-government announced a ceasefire in Abyan, Lahij and Shabwa in honor of the Saudi coalition’s request. The statement also called for the Transitional Council to hand over control of cities and government institutions.
– Hadi’s forces captured Ahwar city in Abyan’s coast. Also some of Hizam al Amni commanders joined to Mansour Hadi’s forces.
– Mansour Hadi forces announced the launch of Zinjibar security operation and the liberation of areas under the STC. (In this respect, honoring the Saudi coalition request about a temporary ceasefire in southern Yemen is not worked by Hadi’s forces! and also the other side is the same…)

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