Erdogan Threatened East of Euphrates to Attack Again!

Sunday, 6 October 2019 - 19:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President stating unhappiness with the implementation of USA-Turkey bilateral agreement over safe zone in east of Euphrates, threatened to attack east of Euphrates.

Erdogan said in the 29th session of Justice and Development Party assessment meeting that “all the preparations are done and necessary instructions are given and this (attack) can happen today or tomorrow…”
He added: “we have waited enough, our patrol aerial (by USA) and ground… they were all tale…”

During the past year, Erdogan threatened east of Euphrates several times, the last time being in August he promised to start the operation soon against SDF Kurds which made USA to propose the plan for a safe zone in north of Syria to prevent Turkey from operating in north of Syria or delaying it at least.
But after implementing the safe zone agreement not wholly and superficial joint patrols, it seems Ankara is not happy with USA and feels deceived.

However considering the unsuccessful experience of Manbij agreement between Turkey and USA, it seems very unlikely that Turkey was deceived and did not suspect that the safe zone plan in east of Euphrates is not operational, but it seems that Erdogan knowing this, is trying to get more privileges from USA and SDF by military operation threat.

Therefore, it is expected that either USA and Kurds will give more privileges to Turkey or Turkey will do operation in east of Euphrates even as a small attack.

After Erdogan’s words, USA criticized it severely and implicitly mentioned to increase the speed of implementing the agreement between two countries.

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