Latest Updates on Yemen, 3 December 2019

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 - 14:04

Latest new from Yemeni frontlines

Commander of Mansour Hadi’s forces in Marib reported of end of security operation against protesting tribes. The engagement is due to trade ban with AnsarAllah controlled lands.

– Saudi coalition sources: Separated forces from Tariq Saleh gave AnsarAllah the information about Mocha base for drone and missile attack. Colonel Samir Rizwan, commander of National Resistance forces in Khokha base joined AnsarAllah recently.
– Brig. Gen. Adnan al-Himadi, commander of 35th armored brigade of Mansour Hadi, was killed by unknowns in Mawasit district.
– AnsarAllah and Mansour Hadi engagement in Usayfirah.

– Mansour Hadi’s and Saudi coalition forces attacked Ujah, east of Hayran. The attack failed and AnsarAllah’s reinforcement arrived Hajjah.

Five children were martyred in the village of Munqam in Durayhimi district due to Saudi-led forces’ mortar shell explosion.

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