AnsarAllah push back Hadi’s troops from Hays

Sunday 10 December 17 - 19:56

Islamic World News Analysis Group: AnsarAllah by forcing Hadi’s and Emirates’ forces to retreat from Hays, prevents more regions from falling in Al Hudaydah governate.

According to sources in AnsarAllah, they cut the logistics of Hadi’s forces in Yakhtul hence prevent their advances in Al Hudaydah. AnsarAllah forces in order to cut the logistic line of Saudi alliance forces, operate from Hamili heights.

Controlling al Hamili heights is AnsarAllah’s upper hand against Hadi’s forces prevent their initiatives.


According to latest updates, after cutting Yakhtul-Al Khukhah road, AnsarAllah force Hadi troops to retreat from Hays.

Right now there are fights going on in Hays-Al Khukhah and Hays-Najibah roads and around Yakhtul.

Due to unstable conditions in region, any change of dominate map is possible.

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