12 May 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir 11 May 2019

Latest news from Afghanistan frontline and ISIS Emergence in Kashmir

02 May 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir, 1 May 2019

The sixth round of negotiations between USA and Taliban in Qatar; Leader of Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammed group in UN’s terrorist list

21 April 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 20 April 2019

Explosion in Kabul and engagement in Communication Ministry; Taliban cancels the second round of summit of Afghan groups in Doha

14 April 2019
Latest Update on Afghanistan 14 April 2019

Taliban spring offensive; Quetta bomb attack; Repelling Taliban attacks in Badghis

07 April 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir, 6 April 2019; Taliban Attacking Badghis

India and Pakistan sporadical engagements, Bala Morgab and Ab Kamari are about to fall

05 March 2019
Kashmir, Near but Very Far!

In contemporary history, the borders between countries decided by colonizers were always based on increasing tensions between countries. We know this policy by “divide and rule”…

04 March 2019
Jammu and Kashmir Conflict Map
01 March 2019
Latest Updates on Pakistan and Afghanistan, 29 February 2019; War in Kashmir

India and Pakistan engagements in Kashmir and USA-Taliban negotiations

26 February 2019
Indian Fighters Attacking North of Pakistan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Indian Airforce fighters attacked Jaish Muhammad group positions in Balakut area Jammu and Kashmir-Pakistan border.

17 December 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 15 December 2018; US. Taliban Peace Talks
19 October 2018
Negotiations between USA and Taliban!

In recent days Zalmay Khalilzad, special consultant of USA in Afghanistan affairs, explained some issues regarding negotiations with Taliban, which are worthy of investigation after several months of negotiations.

05 September 2018
Presidency: Another Victory For “Pakistan Movement for Justice” Party.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The parliament and representatives of Pakistan’s provinces, have elected “Arif Alvi” as the president of Pakistan.