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Sunday 14 January 2024 - 12:08

Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu In Tel Aviv

Thousands of Israelis held a demonstration in Tel Aviv against the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime and demanded the cabinet of this regime to return the Israeli prisoners from Gaza.

Saturday 13 January 2024 - 17:22

Why The Israeli Regime Withdrew From The Areas in Gaza City?

In recent days, conflicting maps have been published regarding the situation on the ground in the northern Gaza Strip. Some believe that the Israeli regime’s forces have completely withdrawn, while others do not accept the Israeli army’s withdrawal and they highlight Israel’s presence in the Gaza city based on the United States think tanks’ maps […]

Thursday 11 January 2024 - 19:34

Riyadh To Normalize Ties With Israel After Gaza War: Saudi Envoy

Khalid bin Bandar Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, has emphasized that after the end of the war on the Gaza Strip, Saudi Arabia’s relations with the Israeli regime will be normalized and this agreement should lead to the formation of a Palestinian state.

Tuesday 9 January 2024 - 16:32

Confirmed: Suicide Drone Strike On Israeli Ships Near Maldives!

A few days ago, we announced about the attack on Israeli ships, today Al-Mayadeen confirmed this news by quoting its sources. Sources told the Lebanese network Al-Mayadeen that last Thursday two “Israeli or Israeli-related oil tankers” were attacked in the Indian Ocean. According to this report, a Liberian-flagged tanker CHEM SILICON was attacked in the […]

Tuesday 9 January 2024 - 14:16

Hezbollah Suicide Drone Strike Hits Key Israeli Army HQs In Safed (Video)

Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced in a statement that in response to the assassination of Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri and his martyred Mujahid brothers in the southern suburbs of Beirut, as well as the assassination of Wissam Tawil (Haj Javad), one of the field commanders of the resistance in Lebanon, attacked the headquarters of the Israeli army in […]

Sunday 7 January 2024 - 17:49

Deployment Of Israeli Spy Balloon Near Airspace Of Southern Lebanon

On January 6th, Lebanese media reported the sighting of a balloon in the sky over occupied territories of northern Palestine, in front of the Bint Jbeil town in the Nabatiye Governorate in Southern Lebanon. The intention of the Israeli regime in deploying this spy balloon is to identify and monitor various threats from southern Lebanese […]