Latest map of fronts in Syria until 13 February 2018

Friday 16 February 2018 - 13:49

In this article; investigation of important changes in battlefield during the last 105 days

Latest HD map of fronts in Syria: download

Map of 105 days ago for comparison: Here

?The most important changes during the last 105 days as follows:


East of Syria:

After liberation of Abu Kamal in 19 November 2017, a few villages between Abu Kamal and Salehiya and from Salehiya to al-Mayadin on the southern bank of Euphrates river are liberated by Moghawemah and Syrian Army troops thus the remaining bases of ISIS fall in east of Syria and ISIS are besieged in an area of 7,200 km2 in east of Homs and south of Deir ez Zor.

After that to secure Abu Kamal, some of the deserts until Mu`ayzilah dam are also cleared up. This achievement happens after troops present in T2 area move toward north and Mu`ayzilah dam and some other troops join them from northern axis toward Mu`ayzilah and liberate the besieged area of about 2,000 km2.


South of Syria

The most important change in south of Syria is indeed the liberation of occupied areas by militia in strategic region of Beit Jin.

In the last several years, these areas were safe place of terrorists and with the support of Israel and Jordan, by moving from Daraa to Qalamoun using the connecting roads and valleys, they were a serious threat to Damascus.

After the operation in last year and liberation of Khan al Shih area in south of Damascus, several committees tried to negotiate with militia in Beit Jinn to avoid any bloodshed to liberate these areas and not harm civilian lives but they did not accept never or demanded out of question privileges.

Finally in December 2018 when militia using obvious helps of Israel and using their observing posts detoured Syrian Army positions in Hadhar area using occupied Golan and attacked Hadhar to break the siege of Beit Jinn, Syrian Army follows the operation in Beit Jin with more determination and by defending militia attacks, increase their advances.

The operation carried out using carrot and stick behavior and at each stage, Syrian Army using military activities and negotiations succeed to remove all the militia and their families from Beit Jin area and to raise Syrian flag on the heights and in January 2018, Beit Jin officially rejoins Syria again.


Northwest of Syria

As predicted by finishing ISIS in east of Syria (except some desert areas), the attentions and operations are now on Idlib and Hama governorates; therefor after implementing of the “de-escalation zone” plan in northwest of Syria and Turkish forces’ penetration to west of Idlib and Hama governorates, the operation of Syrian and Moghawemah forces in northeast of Hama and northern axis of Sa`an and Sheikh Hilal and inside Idlib governorate starts.

In the region they advance from several axis; Moghawemat from Khanser and northeast of Hama and Syrian Army from north of Hama toward Abu Dohur airbase could liberate a vast area in a month.

Overall liberated area from ISIS between Idlib, Aleppo and Hama governorates adds up to near 3,500 km2.

Click here to Download the video of final steps of operation.


Afrin area

The other significant change is invasion of Afrin by Turkey and their militants.

After the latest of Syrian Peace Talks in Astana which held with presence of different sides in Syria, Russian, Turkish and Iranian officials to investigate the situation of “de-escalation zone” plan, some Turkish troops establish in Idlib and south of Afrin area according to this agreement.

But after Moghawemah and Syrian Army advances in northwest of Syria, which was according to the areas of “de-escalation zone” agreement as well, using some excuses and preemption, Erdogan invades Afrin.

An attack which was not agreed on in the peace talk…


Turkish operation condition is a mixture of Erdogan’s opportunity, Russian distraint, Kurdish and Moghawemat’s stubbornness and passivity, nevertheless Turkish invasion in Afrin is changing the area and if they occupy it completely, its impact on political future of Syria is inevitable and harsh.


Further information can be found in the article “Russian game, Turkish opportunism and Iranian passivity in the north of Syria

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