Latest Updates on al-Baydha Front, 27 April 2020

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 - 08:40

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Al-Qaeda and Saudi coalition forces attacks against Ansar Allah positions continue in southern front of al-Baydha province.

According to the latest news from the Mukayras front, Saudi coalition forces have stopped in Taran mountain (east of Aqaba Al Tharah) and Saleh Al Shajari forces have attacked on al-Aqlah region in the west of Al Sumaah district, with the help of Al-Qaeda members.
Al Amer tribes also clashed today with Al-Qaeda forces, that in these clashes 12 of two sides have been killed and 7 been wounded.

In the al-Baydha province, in the al-Sumaah and al-Zaher fronts, Ansar Allah forces are clashing with united tribes and Al-Qaedah, and in northern front of Radaa district are clashing with ISIS.

Meanwhile, Saudi coalition forces have recently started the attacks from the Mukayris, Qaniyah and Nate fronts.

In the case of not attention and planning for al-Baydha by Ansar Allah, their defeat in this front is not unexpected.

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