Know Yemen better: Looking at position for Sanaa province in Yemen

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 - 20:34

Investigating the status of the province of Sanaa and its role in the developments of Yemen

Sanaa province located in western part of Yemen with capital of historical city of Sanaa has a population of almost 4 million and area of 13,850 km2 which is the biggest city in Yemen.
Sanaa city is surrounded between mounts Nuqm on east and Ayban in west was founded and expanded through the history and undergone significant changes since 1962 revolution.
The weather is mild usually and people work in government, industrial or business jobs.

Sanaa has been capital of ancient civilizations such as Saba and Hamdan before Islam and after Imam Ali (as) traveled there and Yemenis accepted Islam the position of Yemen increased significantly. Ottoman empire campaigned several times to occupy it and Yemenis fought with Zaidiyyah for many years.

Sanaa position in controlling the western part of Yemen is inevitable therefore Ansar Allah put the main portion of its forces to claim Sanaa after the revolution of Yemen and cleansing the Sanaa province in 2014. Following failure of Mansoor Hadi in keeping his manipulated administration, in 2015 Saudi coalition attacked Sanaa province from eastern axis and even advanced until depth of Nihm district which was repelled by Ansar Allah in their recent operation “Faamkan Minhom” until western part of Marib province.
Ali Abdullah Saleh intrigued against Ansar Allah in Sanaa in late 2017 which was surpassed by awareness of leader and commanders of Ansar Allah.

Marib is on east of Sanaa and toward north it spans to Amran and then Saadah, and from south it goes to Dhamar and then Aden, and from west it has a short direct route to Al Hudaydah harbor. This strategic position helps to control the western part of Yemen, thus, a reason Ansar Allah could resist Saudi coalition.

Large tribes of Sanaa include Hamdan, Khulan, Rus, Sanhan, Matri, etc. which have different sub branches with great power. Most of them are allies of Ansar Allah.
Sanaa province has 16 districts: Arhab, Bilad al-Rus, Jahanah, Bani Hashish al-Hasn, Hayma Kharijiya, Hayma Dakheliya, Khulan, Sanhan and Bani Bohlul, Saafan, Bani Dhabyan, Tiyal, Bani Matar, Manakha, Nihm, Hamdan.

Map of Sanaa districts

Sanaa province has a large network of different military bases which are useful in battle against Saudi coalition. The important ones are as follows,
– Bases central command, Nahdayn, Zubayri and Sabrah which are mainly used by presidential guard.
– HQs of 5th and 6th missile divisions in Atan area, 8th division HQ in Sabrah area, which are used mainly for missile operations.
– The headquarters of the Special Forces and the headquarters of the Counter-Terrorism Force in the al-Sabaha area.
– Reserve force HQ in Haziz area, 83rd artillery division in Sama’ mountain area, 62nd division in Farijah area, 63rd division in Beit Dahra area and 102 infantry division in Bani Hashish district.
– Air force Deilami base in north of Sanaa and al-Sab’ayn base which were used by air force before and now are used by drone units.

AnsarAllah however did not limit itself to these points only in war against Saudi coalition and built new points for weapon and equipment warehouse which are unknown for Saudi coalition.

In summary the importance of Sanaa in Yemen evolution includes:
1. Capital of Yemen.
2. Has key role in controlling west of Yemen.
3. Important tribes and large population live there.
4. Lays at intersection of important roads between eastern towns with western and southern towns.
5. Center of administration, political and trade in Yemen.
6. Has vast military infrastructure.



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