Latest Updates On Yemen 5 May 2018; The US Official Presence in the War Against Yemen

Monday 7 May 2018 - 11:14

The United States presence in the Yemeni war and cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition is not a new issue, but the official announcement and emphasis on confronting Iran’s threats in the region, as well as what they call as”Iranian missiles in hands of the Houthis” is a challenge that is related to the political developments of these days against Iran!

1. The joint meeting of Iran and European countries (Britain, Germany, France and Italy) in Rome in order to examine the Yemen political solution ended with no specific result.

Subsequent sessions were postponed to the following months.


2. Emirati forces after entering Socotra island and capturing the port and the airport, did not allow the flight and departure of Mansour Hadi’s government members.

Lately, political disputes between the Southerners (backed by the UAE) and the Mansour Hadi forces (backed by Saudi) have led to military conflicts in southern Yemen.

Hadi’s forces also claim that the island is being seized by UAE. In this regard, Saudi crown prince Ben Salman has sent a committee to Socotra to investigate the recent conflict.

The Emirates now controls the island by sending troops and fighters.


3. The US Official Presence in the War Against Yemen.

The United States Department of Defense In addition to its military presence in Yemen along with the Saudis and the exchange of information, etc… stated: “The purpose of the presence of US troops alongside the Saudis is not for military or conflict engagement, but for guidance and training for the Saudi Army to destroy Iranian missiles!”


4. The disagreement between the parliament and the Sudanese government regarding Yemen.

Sudanese MPs have recently called for limiting interference in Yemen.

They criticized Sudan’s heavy losses for the battles and demanded for Sudan foreign interests and stop interfering in Yemen conflict and support the peace in Yemen.

But the commander of Sudanese military forces in the Saudi coalition announced that the country’s military will remain in Yemen to achieve all goals!



But so far, it’s generally possible to say that the US claim for Yemeni missiles, is in line with the pressure on Iran to begin another layer of talks (regional or missile, or both).

The Americans, with the Cold War illusion (especially the Cuban Missile Crisis), are trying to induce a new threat for the world and their allies, this time, Iran is their best option.

But keep in mind that the US is gradually withdrawing from the West Asia region and filling its place with the Saudi coalition, and this is just like the formation of “NATO” against the “Soviet Union”!


Image: The rally of the Yemeni people in Sanaa, titled “Qods is the land and the first Qibla of Muslims”

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