Audience Question: Houthis or Ansar Allah?

Tuesday 24 November 2020 - 15:58

Which one is correct to call Yemeni movement?

Ansar Allah movement is a Yemeni movement which was founded by martyr Sayyid Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi and was known as “the Believing Youth” before.

The movement was known as Houthis as well between Yemenis and media at the early years of the activities. Houthis comes from the family of Sayyid Hussein Badreddin, the founder of the movement, which is the name of a district in Amran province, north of Yemen.

What is wrong with using Houthis for Ansar Allah movement?

Like other countries of west of Asia, Yemen also had many races and tribes, which was influential on the government of the area.
This is used by western media mastermind to label a vast popular movement in Yemen by name of a tribe and to label the current war as a tribal war. Dividing Islamic countries is usually done using two methods: 1. Religion and 2. Race
In Yemen the race is being used by Saudis.
This doesn’t mean that the religious differences are not used for discord and dividing in Yemen but the racial and tribal differences are the main trick for warmongering.
Therefore using Houthis for the popular vast movement of Yemeni Ansar Allah helps the MSM to overlook tens of parties, political movement and tribes and millions of people who joined Ansar Allah.

To further read and understand about the demographics of different provinces of Yemen, it is highly recommended to read series of “Answering Key Questions” articles.

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