Monthly Report on Yemen’s developments 29 May 2018; Situation of Fronts + Maps

Wednesday 30 May 2018 - 02:33

After 3 years and 2 months of Saudi-led coalition aggressions to Yemen, the military aggressions continue against the Ansarallah and Yemeni army in more than 10 fronts imposed by “Emirati troops and Emirati-backed forces like Southerners-Tariq Saleh, Saudi-Backed forces like Masour Hadi and Coalition troops and also Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Saudi-led Coalition military operation axes:

1. Southern Al-Hudaydah axis.
2. Western Taiz ( Al-Kadha, Al-Maqbanah and Hajdah) and eastern Taiz (Ar Rahidah) axis.
3. Southern Al-Bayda’ ( Dhi Naem and Mokayris ), and Northern Al- Bayda’ (Al-Malajim and Qaniah) axis.
4. Northeast Sana’a (Nahm) axis and Bart Al-Anan in Al-Jawf.
5. Eastern Sadaa (Al-Buqa and Kitaf) axis, Northern Sa`dah (Alab and Baqim) axis, And northwest Sa`dah ( Al-Dahir and Haydan, etc…) axis.
6. Northern Al- Hajjah (Haradh and Midi) axis.


Al-Hudaydah axis and Taiz axis are came under the most severe air and ground attacks in the last week. The purpose of the Coalition, as mentioned in the previous monthly reports, is to capture the West shores and cut the Ansarallah’s access to the sea.



According to latest news from the al-Hudaydah fronts, the UAE-backed forces in the south of al-Hudaydah with help from the tribes opposing Ansarallah, such as the al-Zarānīq tribe, have reached the southern suburbs of al-Hudaydah.

Heavy clashes continue in south of al-Hudaydah from al-Jarrahi, Zubayd, Tuhayta, Husseiniya, Durayhimi and now to the south areas of al-Hudaydah city.

The strike line that the coalition forces opened in the western shores is narrow and extremely vulnerable and could be attacked by Ansarallah, unless the Coalition make progress on the Taiz front, which makes the presence of Ansarallah difficult or impossible on the western shores.

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The West Front of Taiz from Al-Kadha, Hajdah, Al-Kamb, Moqbane to Al-Barah is under severe air and ground attacks.

In this axis, the coalition forces (Tariq Saleh and by the UAE support) are planning to first take the Hajdah-Barah Road and then move toward Al-Muqbanah, in order to reduce the power of Ansarullah’s maneuver in the south of al-Hudaydah to capture other areas such as al-Jarahi and etc…

In the east of Taiz and Lahij, also the Karash and Huwaymi areas are under heavy fire and the main goal in this axis is al-Rahidah. By capturing the al-Rahidah, the Ansarallah defensive lines in east of Taiz will collapse.

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After the fall of the Bayhan in Shabwa province, the clashes reached to northern fronts of Al-Bayda, but the Ansarallah stopped the Mansour Hadi troops advances in Nate` and al-Malajim(south of Marab and north of al-Bayda) and clashes continue.

Al-Qaeda also intends to cut the Al-Baydha road from the “Dhi Naim” axis and from another side has been attacking and moving forward in”Mokayris” and “Al-Some`ah” front in the east of Al-Bayda.

The most interesting thing in al-Bayda is ISIS presence.

The ISIS elements in Yemen, which until recently did not have much activity in the country, now managed to capture some positions in the north of Al-Baydha and this can not be irrelevant to their reinforcement and support against Ansarallah and their heavy defenses in al-Bayda.

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Sana’a and Marib:

The Sarwah front in Marib is the unbeatable front of Ansarallah in defending the capital.

The latest advances of Saudi-coalition in Nihm axis is back to last month, al-Aswad and Yam heights are now the frontlines.

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Sa`dah, Jawf and Hajjah:

Clashes continue in district of al-Motun, Khub al Sha`f, Bart al-Anan(Jawf) and district of Kitaf and al-Baqa` in east of Sa`dah province.

Saudi troops by intensifying the attacks trying to reach the Sa`dah.

The fall of Baqim in north of Sa`dah was not true but the Saudis captured the Alab bordercrossing and advanced towards the Baqim in recent days.

In the east of Sa`dah, the fall of Malahit and Nar heights occurred after Ansarallah retreat from Khobah in Jizan due to heavy bombardment. Therefore ths Sa`dah-Hajjah road from this axis cut by Coalition.

In north of Hajjah, after fall of Midi, the Haradh town became the new goal of Coalition for increasing pressure on Ansarallah in al-Hudaydah front.

Despite these changes, the Tawwal bordercrossing is stil under Ansarallah firecontrol.

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As mentioned before, The Saudi coalition porssue this 3 goals: Cutting the Ansarallah access to western shores, Capturing Sanaa and Capturing Sa`dah.
If al-Hudaydah city fall in coming days, the first goal will be achieved then the two other goals will be triggered.


What is against Ansarullah is two hard and vague choice:

1- Continuing resistance and unequal war in the siege.

2- To accept the terms of the coalition and start negotiations.


It is definitely not desirable for the Yemeni people and AnsarAllah to continue the war in the current critical situation.

On the other hand, any of the Saudi coalition’s plans such as the “six-region federation” plan and similar plans, will harm the entire Yemeni people and ultimately leads to the dissolution of the country.

Based on this, it is unlikely that Ansarallah without any preconditions retreat from his remaining achievements.


The deceived Yemenis, once will understand the meaning of the dissolution and the result of the colonialism of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, when al-Qaeda and ISIS rule on them and the American fighters put their homes under tremendous bombardment on the pretext of fighting terrorism …


Latest Situation and Reports On Yemen April 22, 2018; Map Update



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