Latest Updates on Yemen 5 August 2018; Latest Updates on Fronts

Sunday 5 August 18 - 17:59

“Images: Yemeni women protesting in defense of fighters who defend their land & women. (Recently some of the women of Tuhayta were abducted by UAE-backed forces which made Yemenis, specially women who are in Ansarallah controlled regions, very angry.)”

1. Al-Hudaydah:
The attack of UAE-backed forces against Ad-Durayhimi was repelled by heavy resistance from “Popular Committees” forces & Ansarallah’s snipers being deployed in northwest of Ad-Durayhimi.

Also coalition forces with blind bombardments targeting public places and yesterday Coalition warplanes attacked Ad-Durayhimi Hospital.

Ansarallah’s feint attacks in countryside of al-Fazah continues, and still the advances of UAE-backed forces are stopped in this area.


2. Saudi Arabia resumed the transportation of its oil tankers in Bab-Al Mandab.
Following up the effective attacks by navy forces of Ansarallah & the Army, for a short period of time Saudi Arabia had suspended its oil tankers from crossing “Bab-Al Mandab Strait”.


3. Ansarallah’s drone attack against Malek Khaled Airport in city of “Khamis Mashit” in south of Saudi Arabia.

Ansarallah media claimed that a Saudi warplane was targeted. Coalition’s medias didn’t publish anything about this attack.


4. Ansarallah says that their drones & missile division in a joint operation, have successfully targeted the UAE-backed forces in west coast.

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