Oil Exploitation in Yemen

Tuesday, 9 October 2018 - 08:54

Islamic World News Analysis Group: “Nukhbat al Shobwaniya” forces supported by Emirates after exiting Mansoor Hadi’s forces, took over military bases, “Baydha” harbor, “Ber Ali” and “Nashima” regions in Shabwa governorate.

These movements are part of Saudi and Emirates competition over oil and gas rich lands of south and east of Yemen and Saudi forces trying to occupy al Mahra governorate recently and building oil pipe from south of Saudi Arabia to Arab Sea and erecting a harbor in Mahra coast (Nashtun harbor).


Saudi intends to turn Ghizah airport to a military airbase and change the demography of the governorate by settling Salafis similar to Dammaj Salafis in Sadaa governorate.


Undoubtedly, Saudi’s primary target of this plan is to transport its own oil to coast of Arab Sea and avoid Hormuz and Bab al Mandab straits, which is its economy weakness, in addition to exploiting Yemeni oil and occupying east of Yemen.

Now Emirates also wants its share from their alliance in Shabwah governorate and following Mansoor Hadi’s forces retreat, took control the strategic regions.


Saudi and Emirates oil exploitation is basis for fall of a country which was once named Yemen

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