Latest Updates on Yemen 28 & 29 December 2018; Ansar Allah Withdrawal from Hudaydah Port

Saturday, 29 December 2018 - 23:27

Latest news from Yemeni fronts; Saudi heavy attacks on north of Hajjah province; The implementation of of the Sweden agreement in Hudaydah.

1- Spokesman of the Yemen Armed Forces:

– During last 24 hours, Saudi Coalition violated the ceasefire in Hudaydah 158 times.

– We observe the Saudi Coalition movements and equipment transfers in east of Hudaydah.

– Coalition warplane hit other provinces 27 times.

– The Coalition heavy attacks in fronts of Harad, Nihm, Jawf, Baqa’ were repelled.


2- Hajjah:

– Ansar Allah claimed that its forces repelled the Coalition attacks in east of Nar heights( Shalilah village) and 18 Coalition vehicles were destroyed after four days of heavy clashes.
– Saudi media announce the Coalition advances in Harad front and claimed the control of Hasnain mountain and its surrounding villages.

– Coalition attacks continue in the four areas of Ujah, Hayjah, Nar and Qaim in order to complete the siege of Hard.


3- Ansar Allah Qasef-1 UAV attack against Saudi-led forces gathering in Sirwah, Marib.


4- Ansar Allah engagement with Al Qaida and ISIS in Qifa region, Bayda province.

Ansar Allah cleared some of areas in this front from terrorists .


5- Ansar Allah Withdrawal From Al Hudaydah Port

Yesterday and today, the first stage of the Sweden agreement came into effect with the withdrawal of Ansar Allah forces from the port of Al Hudaydah.


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