Latest Updates on Yemen 13 January 2019, Intensification of Ansar Allah Drone attacks

Monday 14 January 2019 - 12:48

Latest news from Yemen fronts

1- Mansour Hadi’s Intelligence chief dies after AnsarAllah drone attack to Al Anad base.

The resigned government of Mansour Hadi’s intelligence chief, Brigadier General Saleh Tammah, died on Sunday, three days after being injured in a Ansar Allah drone attack on the country’s largest airbase.


2- Joint artillery and drone attacks of Ansar Allah on positions of Saudi Coalition forces in Al Khoubah, Jizan.(images)


3- Saadah

– AnsarAllah missile(Zilzal) attacks at Taibat al Ism military base in Al Ajasher desert, east of Saadah.

– Engagement between Ansar Allah and Saudi-led forces in Al Baqa’ border crossing, MBC mount, east of Al Dud and east of Al Jahfan.


4- Spokesman for the Yemen Armed Forces:

– Since the start of the ceasefire announcement in Al Hudaydah, the ceasefire violation by the Saudi Coalition has reached 2459 times.

– During recent five days, Saudi Coalition warplanes bombed Yemeni provinces 136 times.

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