Latest Updates on Yemen 18 January 2019; Fighting with Wealth and Life

Friday, 18 January 2019 - 21:22

Latest updates on Sweden agreement implementation and Ansar Allah drone attacks in north of Yemen

1. Yemeni Armed Force Spokesperson:
– Saudi Coalition violated ceasefire 209 times in the last two days.
– More than 128 mortars were fired by Saudi Coalition toward residential parts of al Hudaydah.
– Saudi Coalition fighters attacked 53 times other parts of Yemen.

2. Martin Giriffiths UN Emissary in Yemen:
POWs exchange between Yemeni sides (Mansoor Hadi resigned government and AnsarAllah) has been done.


3. AnsarAllah Qasif K-2 drone operation against Saudi Coalition gathering point in Aseer, south of Saudi Arabia.


4. AnsarAllah Qasif K-2 drone operation against Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi forces in Al Suwayqa base, al Jawf.


5. Razih district people’s rally in Saadah province in support of AnsarAllah and People’s Committees.
Yemenis in their rallies collect food and money aids as well.

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