Latest Updates on Yemen 20 January 2019; Saudi Heavy Bombardment on Sanaa
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 21 January 2019

Latest news from fontlines of Jawf, Hajjah and Hudaydah

1- Al Jawf:

– Ansar Allah operation against Saudi Coalition forces in Al Salan area in Al Masloub district.

– Ansar Allah operation in Al Ramliyah height, Al Ajsher desert.


2- Hajjah:

Heavy clashes between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition forces in east of Nar mountain.


3- Hudaydah:

Heavy bombardment of several areas of Al Hudaydah city, 16 kilo, Zafraan village, Al Durayhimi(Shajan village) and Al Fazah by Saudi Coalition warplanes and artillery.


4- Sanaa:

Bombing residential and industrial areas in Sanaa city such as Daras neighborhood and a factory in Jadar district by Saudi warplanes.

According to reports, 2 civilian were martyred and 5 other wounded.

Saudi media claimed that this attacks have targeted Iranian and Hezbollah areas in Sanaa! (images below)

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