Latest Updates on Yemen, 26 March 2019; Yemeni People Parade on Fourth Anniversary of the War
Gallery, Image, Media, Middle East, News, Yemen 27 March 2019

1. Saadah:
– AnsarAllah repelled Saudi Coalition attack in Talaah, Najran border.
– Engagements in Rabua and Ajasher desert.

Frontlines are unchanged near Saadah northern border and AnsarAllah using exceptional guerrilla war techniques imposed heavy casualties to Saudi Coalition.
– Martyrdom of seven and injury of eight due to Saudi Coalition fighters attacking Kitaf.

Four of martyrs and one of wounded are children.


2. Jawf:
Media close to Saudi Coalition reported 11 forces supported by the Coalition were killed due to AnsarAllah’s missile attack in Jawf.

AnsarAllah claimed 70 dead and injured before.


3. Yemeni people parade in AnsarAllah controlled provinces against Saudi Coalition and in support of four years of defending the soil of Yemen.

Photos showing this news.


4. Hajjah:
– Saudi Coalition troops gathering location being hit by AnsarAllah’s artillery in Ahem triangle.
– AnsarAllah engaging and repelling Saudi Coalition in east of mount Nar.


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