Latest Updates on Yemen, 19 April 2019

Saturday, 20 April 2019 - 06:58

Latest news from Taiz, Saadah, Dhale and Hudaydah frontlines.

1. Taiz:
– AnsarAllah reports to reclaim 4 region in Muqbana front.
– Engagement in Mafalis front, Hayfan area.


2. Saadah:
– Ansar Allah’s joint artillery-drone operation in attacking Saudi Coalition locations in Qays mountain, Jizan border.
– Martyrdom of a child due to Saudi Coalition forces shootings, a border village, Razih district.

– Ansar Allah shot down a Chinese Wing Loong UCAV belong to Saudi Coalition in Saadah province.


3. Dhale:
– AnsarAllah firing a Badr-F missile to Hakula military camp, Dhale province.
– Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson: During the last four days operation in fronts Al Uod, Khashabah and Hamak more than 100 villages and points with area of 250 km2 were cleared from Saudi Coalition.


4. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi Coalition continue to violating the ceasefire regime in Al Hudaydah.
– Targeting July 7 and Engineering university in al Hudaydah by mortar shells.
– Shooting toward residential areas in May 22, Ittihad hotel, 50th street and Sanaa street.
– Targeting Kilo 16 region and Tuhayta with more than 50 mortar shells.

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