Latest Updates on Yemen, 25 April 2019

Friday 26 April 2019 - 08:25

Latest news from Yemeni frontlines and Ansar Allah’s drone attacks

1. Saadah:
– Saudi Coalition’s attack repelled by Ansar Allah in Al Boqa` desert.
– Ansar Allah’s Qasif K-2 drone attacking Saudi Coalition forces gathering locations in Rabua, Asir border, south of Saudi Arabia.


2. Al Hudaydah:
Saudi Coalition spying drone shot down by Ansar Allah over 16 km area.


3. Aden:
Ansar Allah’s Qasif K-2 drone attacking Emirates forces in Bariqa Aden area. The Coalition media reported shooting down the drone after attack.


4. Hajjah:
– Ansar Allah’s drone-artillery joint operation in attacking Saudi Coalition forces and equipment gathering location in Khori area, Jizan.
– Ansar Allah’s attacking Saudi Coalition, east of Nar mountain.
– Ansar Allah firing a Badr-F missile to Al Esteqbal camp, west of Tuwwal, Jizan border.


5. Taiz:
Severe engagement between Islah party forces and Abu Abbas brigade in old city, Jamhuri, Wadi al Madam, and Aqbat Mafrah areas.

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